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Grocery Store Wars

Whole Foods and Trader Joe's battle for best grocery store in U.S.

News_Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's was named the best grocery store in the country. Courtesy photo
Whole Foods Market flagship store in Austin
Whole Foods came in at No. 2. Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market
News_Trader Joe's
Whole Foods Market flagship store in Austin

There are two kinds of people in this world: Trader Joe's loyalists and diehard Whole Foods fans. Sure, customers will head to the other store out of necessity, but that's the exception, certainly not the rule.

The Daily Meal, a foodie website that is perhaps best described as Buzzfeed meets Food Network, reached out to readers to ask, "What is America's Best Grocery Store?" The results, which were announced on April 29, revealed the California-based Trader Joe's beat homegrown hero Whole Foods to come in at No. 1. "The diversity of gourmet, organic, and vegetarian options as well as excellent prices and quality keep [Trader Joe's] on top of the list," writes editor Emily Jacobs. We thought it was the cookie butter and Two-buck Chuck.

And don't worry Whole Foodies, the Austin-based chain came in a respectable No. 2. Applauded for its high standards and specialization in organic and natural foods, The Daily Meal also notes Whole Foods' commitment to quality. The retailer took the silver-medal status in stride, tweeting out its thanks.

Other local retailers that made the list included Sprouts which came in at No. 17, H.E.B at No. 19, and Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers at No. 23.

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