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Tito's Vodka now exclusive to United Airlines

Tito's Vodka now exclusive to United Airlines

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Tito's Vodka will be the official vodka of United — indefinitely. 

KVUE – Vodka born right here in Austin 18 years ago, in the state’s first legal distillery, is about to get international attention.

Tito’s Vodka is now the exclusive vodka for all of United Airlines.

“United is the perfect vehicle for them to go worldwide. We fly to 370 destinations around the world. They're going to be everywhere really, really fast,” said Danny Cuellar with United Airlines.

“I think it's absolutely, like just, the craziest thing ever,” said Tito Beveridge, the founder of Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

The local company set up a display in Austin Bergstrom International Airport Friday for five hours. Beveridge shook hands and took pictures with airline passengers, some of whom are big Tito’s Vodka fans.

“It's got a good, smooth taste to it and some of the vodka can be a little harsh at times but Tito's comes across as very smooth. It actually tastes like the higher-end vodka that you get out there," one passenger said.

"I think it's super and it's also great to see a local guy like that be able to launch and go global. So it's really a neat story. It's great to hear those types of things. It's a testament to the great product he makes as well,” said Robert Eubanks, a Chicago passenger who happened by the Tito’s Vodka display.

United Airlines says Tito’s will be the official vodka for the carrier indefinitely.


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