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Bon Appétit nominates 3 local gems for America's Best New Restaurants 2014

Odd Duck Austin 2812
Odd Duck Photo by Jon Shapley
Qui restaurant Austin patio exterior
Qui Photo by Bonjwing Lee/ Qui
Motoyasu Utsunomiya and Paul Qui east side King
Motoyasu Utsunomiya and Paul Qui. Photo courtesy of East Side King/Facebook
Bryce Gilmore Rock Your Taco Austin Food Wine Festival
Bryce Gilmore Courtesy of Austin Food & Wine Festival
Odd Duck Austin 2812
Qui restaurant Austin patio exterior
Motoyasu Utsunomiya and Paul Qui east side King
Bryce Gilmore Rock Your Taco Austin Food Wine Festival

Bon Appétit released its highly anticipated America's Best New Restaurants 2014 nominations on Wednesday, August 13. Of the 50 best in the country, three are located in Austin and seven in the state of Texas.

The three local gems BA deemed the best of the best include Qui, Odd Duck and Thai-Koon@Wonderland. Both Qui and Thai-Koon@Wonderland are, of course, part of Paul Qui's ever-expanding delicious Austin empire.

While Qui is the Top Chef's flagship brick-and-mortar, Thai-Koon is his newest food trailer with frequent collaborator Motoyasu Utsunomiya. Thai-Koon specializes in Thai street food like Thai-Kun Fried Chicken and Thai-Kun Fish Cakes. 

Odd Duck is the trailer-turned-brick-and-mortar from chef Bryce Gilmore. Gilmore, a celebrated chef in his own right, is also the mastermind behind Barley Swine. 

In order to determine the best new restaurants, Bon Appétit restaurant and drinks editor Andrew Knowlton made multiple trips to these places throughout the year. We have no idea how Knowlton got his job, but we dream of the day a magazine will repeatedly send us to the 50 best restaurants over the course of a year. 

Other Texas restaurants nominated for best in the U.S. include CBD Provisions in Dallas, Coltivare in Houston, and Cured and Hot Joy in San Antonio.

On August 19, Bon Appétit will announce the winners in its release of The Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants 2014. We're not gamblers, but if we were, we'd would put our money on Paul Qui showing up at least once. 

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