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Austin's hottest ramen restaurant reveals plans for new pub opening soon

Austin's hottest ramen joint reveals plans for new pub opening soon

Ramen Tatsu-ya mushroom gyoza
Ramen Tatsu-Ya will open Kemuri Tatsu-Ya this winter. Ramen Tatsu-ya/Facebook
Kemuri Tatsu-ya rendering 2016
Look for Kemuri Tatsu-Ya in the former Live Oak barbecue space. Rendering courtesy of McCray & Co.
Ramen Tatsu-ya mushroom gyoza
Kemuri Tatsu-ya rendering 2016

Austin's top ramen joint is branching out beyond noodles and broth. Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, a new concept from the Ramen Tatsu-Ya team will open winter 2016 in East Austin, at 2713 E. Second St.

According to a release, the concept is a Texas-influenced take on an izakaya, a traditional Japanese pub. While menu details have not been released, the restaurant promises shareable dishes, seasonal specials, and a bar complete with craft cocktails.

The space is being designed by McCray & Co., the local firm behind Ramen Tatsu-Ya's iconic look, as well as other Austin hot spots like Lenoir and Noble Sandwich Co. The studio is taking inspiration from traditional izakayas and Kemuri Tatsu-Ya's name, a play on the Japanese word for "smoke." (The building's previous tenants, Live Oak Barbecue, left behind smoke-stained walls.)

It's a busy time for Ramen Tatsu-Ya, one of the best ramen restaurants in the country. In addition to Kemuri, the homegrown restaurant plans to open a Houston location by the end of the year.