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Get involved: A guide to Austin's best philanthropic organizations

Citizen Generation Masquerade in Austin 5113
Guests at Citizen Generation's masquerade ball.  Photo by Jon Shapley
members laughing at Ronald McDonald House Charities' House Party 2013
Enjoy good times at the RHMC House Party to help benefit families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Photo by Susie Pollard
Ronald McDonald House Charities House Party 2013 with Christina Aleman, Annie Mooney, Haley Meyer, and David Rabke
Friends of the House gather at the 2013 House Party to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Photo by Susie Pollard
Austin Lyrics Opera's Tosca Opera Young professionals gathering
Austin Lyric Opera Guild hosts various social events throughout the season with its members. Photo courtesy of Austin Lyric Opera
members at social event for Austin Lyric Opera Guild
The Austin Lyric Opera Guild raises funds for ALO while also promoting culture in Central Texas. Photo courtesy of Austin Lyric Opera
Citizen Generation Masquerade in Austin 5113
members laughing at Ronald McDonald House Charities' House Party 2013
Ronald McDonald House Charities House Party 2013 with Christina Aleman, Annie Mooney, Haley Meyer, and David Rabke
Austin Lyrics Opera's Tosca Opera Young professionals gathering
members at social event for Austin Lyric Opera Guild

Austin is frequently ranked as a top city for young professionals. With top-tier universities, a thriving workforce, and a downtown that perfectly balances the finer things in life with laid-back, Southern energy, it is hard to disagree.

If you’re one of these fortunate young professionals and are looking for a chance to give where you live — and to have a great time doing it — be sure to check out these charities and charitable organizations. 

Art Alliance Austin
Mission: Art Alliance Austin works to expose people to great art by providing a network of support to the city’s most promising artists and art organizations. It is a nonprofit, member-powered organization that appeals to art collectors and casual enthusiasts alike.
Membership: Donor Level - $40 a year, Family Level - $75 a year
Major fundraiser: Art City Austin

The Andy Roddick Foundation
Mission: Tennis superstar Andy Roddick gives back through this foundation, which aims to close the education achievement gap across income levels through summer programs and, when it opens in 2015, the Andy Roddick Sports and Learning Center.
Membership: Volunteer positions often come available, but tickets to events are not based on membership
Major fundraiser: Each year, the foundation hosts a highly anticipated Gala

Friends of the House (Ronald McDonald House)
Mission: Friends of the House is a group of young professionals in Austin that serve by providing meals to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, volunteering at special events and coordinating the group’s annual fundraiser, House Party.
Membership: Must be 25 - 40 years old; $10 a month, $100 annual, $1,000 lifetime membership
Major fundraiser: House Party

Ballet Austin Guild
Mission: Ballet Austin Guild is an all-volunteer organization with the mission to support and promote Ballet Austin in its commitment to excellence and dance through fundraising, community and education.
Membership: Active Member, age 35 and under - $75, Active Member + Spouse - $150
Major fundraiser: Women on their Toes

Citizen Generation
Mission: To promote philanthropy and create the habit of giving through philanthropic experiences. Citizen Generation is centered on the belief that in order to make Austin the best city to live, play and work, all individuals should be active in the betterment of their community.
Membership: Varies
Major fundraiser: Annual events include CharityBash, CharityLadies, CharityLunch and CharityVolunteers

Junior League of Austin
Mission: The Junior League of Austin is a group of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving Austin through effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.
Membership: Candidates must be women between the ages of 25 and 40; must receive the sponsorship of three Junior League members; Provisional membership - $335, $210 annually
Major fundraiser: A Christmas Affair

Austin Young Chamber of Commerce
Mission: AYC is the fastest growing young professional’s organization in Central Texas. The group aims to provide both career and personal development to its members and their communities through organized volunteer events and talks featuring local nonprofits.
Membership: Elite - $300 per year, General - $250 per year; Member ages range between 21 and 39
Major fundraiser: The FAVE Awards

Young Women’s Alliance
The Young Women’s Alliance seeks to empower its members through opportunities for personal and professional development. The organization also funds the YWA Foundation, which provides scholarships to girls and women and grants to the organizations that serve them.
Membership: $150 annually
Major fundraiser: Austin Under 40 Awards

Austin Lyric Opera Guild
Mission: The Austin Lyric Opera Guild works to promote culture in Central Texas while raising funds for the Austin Lyric Opera. Members enjoy the company of fellow fine arts aficionados through education, social and volunteer events throughout the opera season.
Membership: Active Individual - $85, Active Couple - $115, Associate Individual - $145, Associate Couple - $225
Major fundraiser: Wine Dinner & Auction

Young Men’s Business League
Mission: This social service organization provides a platform for its members to meet like-minded individuals through a variety of social and service opportunities.
Membership: Business professional - $250 annual dues, must raise at least $350 during the fundraising season
Major fundraiser: Austin Under 40 Awards

Austin Film Society
Mission: The Austin Film Society is working to make Austin the music and film capital of Texas by welcoming coveted premieres and screenings to the city, managing a 100,000-square-foot production space in Central Austin, presenting the annual Texas Film Festival and more.
Membership: Membership levels start at the Watch level ($50 single, $75 dual), and reach upwards of $25,000
Major fundraiser: The Texas Film Awards, The Texas Party

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