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Austin comedy troupe seriously examines David Komie, the attorney that rocks

Austin comedy troupe examines David Komie, the attorney that rocks

Driving down Airport Boulevard, it's impossible to miss the giant billboard advertising David Komie, the attorney that rocks. Sitting in front of a black backdrop, dreadlocked, rocking a leather jacket and pretty epic goatee, Komie's ad for his personal attorney services leaves drivers wondering, "Just who is this David Komie? And did he always rock this hard?

Well, wonder no more. The Austin-based monthly sketch comedy group Hustle Show has decided to lift the shroud of mystery by creating their very own mockumentary chronicling just how David Komie went from being a person like us to the attorney that rocks.

CultureMap chatted with writer Curtis Luciani about the inspiration for the video, middle-aged rocker dudes and what's next for the Hustle Show.

CultureMap: Why did you decide to make a video about David Komie?

Curtis Luciani: The Hustle Show has wanted to do a good-natured goof on Mr. Komie ever since those billboards went up in town. We had just been trying to figure out what the angle would be.

It's Austin. [Komie] wants to let you know that after he punches that clock, things are gonna get a little crazy.

To me, the best thing about the billboard is just the straightforward phrasing of "the attorney that rocks" — I'm an attorney, and I also rock. I am the attorney that rocks. I thought that it would be fun to imagine David Komie's life up to this point and express that history through imaginary earlier versions of the billboards.

CM: Why do you think Komie is so compelling?

CL: At least as far as the ads are concerned, David Komie combines two fun archetypes: the "Better call Saul!"-style billboard lawyer, who's just trying to make his name and number more memorable than the next guy, and the middle-aged Austin rocker dude who has a square day job but, because it's Austin, wants to let you know that after he punches that clock, things are going get a little crazy.

CM: How long did it take?

CL: Mac Blake, whom you might know as 2013's official funniest person in Austin, shot and edited the video. The initial shoot was pretty easy. The wig did most of the work. We did maybe 45 minutes on location, then an additional hour or so with a green screen. But the biggest part of the work was undoubtedly done by Carlos LaRotta, who painstakingly and beautifully turned those green screen photos into the fake billboards in the video.

CM: What's the end goal with this video?

CL: We hope that people will like it and laugh. If they want to see more hijinks of this nature, they should check out the Hustle Show at Coldtowne Theater. It's a variety comedy show on the second Thursday of the month at 10 pm. There's a show on September 12, in fact. How about that!

David Komie Attorney that Rocks Billboard
David Komie, the attorney that rocks billboard can currently be found on Airport Boulevard. Photo courtesy of Komie & Morrow Law Firm LLP/Facebook