Free and Weird

Free weird art hits Austin streets this month — and it's yours for the taking

Free weird art hits Austin streets this month — and it can be yours

Like free art? Of course you do! Free Art Friday isn't a new concept in Austin, but this month collaborators are upping the ante.

If you're new to the idea, here's how it works: a group of generous and stylish Austin artists make handsome things — paintings, sculptures, photographs, fabric objects and more — and hide them around town for social media sleuths to hunt up and take home. 

Through October, street art stalwarts SprATX are joining forces with the events crew behind Keep Austin Weird Fest to deliver some way-out treasure for the intrepid among us. Up to five of the hidden pieces on each Friday remaining in October will be sculpted from unusual materials and designed with subject matter that boggles the imagination.

Not only that, but a number of the free art finds these next three weekends will be coupled with free tickets to next summer’s fest (a favorite among Austinites) scheduled for June 27. Michelle Graham, head honcho of the events company behind the Keep Austin Weird Festival, promises that this month’s art weirdness is just the beginning of an “epic campaign” scheduled to unroll as the fest approaches.

So plug into Instagram (as if you ever unplug from Instagram, right?), and point your hashtag machine at #KeepItWeird for the fest-focused pieces and #ATXFreeArtFriday for the hunt at large.

Free Art Friday SPRATX
Free art pops up around town this month in conjunction with Free Art Friday and the Keep Austin Weird Festival. Courtesy of SPRATX/Instagram