Waller Creek Sneak Peek

Sneak peek at Waller Creek's transformation into a magical light show

Waller Creek Show 2016 Deep Curiosity by East Side Collective and Drophouse Design
Rendering courtesy of East Side Collective and Drophouse Design
Waller Creek Show 2016 mosasaur Invisible and Absolute by Jules Buck Jones
Rendering courtesy of Jules Buck Jones
Waller Creek Show 2016 The Creek Zipper by Kory Bieg
Rendering courtesy of Kory Bieg
Waller Creek Show 2016 Phantom Diversion by West Shop and Cook Shop
Rendering courtesy of West Shop and Cook Shop
Waller Creek Show 2016 Nimbus Cloud by Animalis
Rendering courtesy of Animalis

The third annual Waller Creek Creek Show will illuminate Austin November 10-19. Waller Creek Conservancy has just unveiled the five mesmerizing installations that will transform the creek between Fifth and Eighth streets.

The free public art show, open nightly from 6-10 pm, will feature expanded children’s programming, as well as live music. An opening night celebration, November 10, will feature a DJ set along the creek and drink specials available at Easy Tiger, The Gatsby, Waller Creek Pub House, and more. 

“The transformation of Waller Creek during Creek Show 2016 is sure to excite and surprise all Austinites,” said Peter Mullan, CEO for Waller Creek Conservancy, in a release. “We invite everyone to come explore Waller Creek and enjoy these extraordinary light installations.”

Here's a sneak peek at the works, with descriptions from Waller Creek Conservancy. 


Deep Curiosity, East Side Collective + Drophouse Design
Design by Tim Derrington, AIA; Wilson Hanks, AIA; Christian Klein, owner of Drophouse

Deep Curiosity offers an alternative to the void currently found at Fifth and Sixth streets along Waller Creek: a view of the enlivened, complete Waller Creek experience of the future. A partially submerged, larger-than-life circular form finds its delicate balance in the murky water like an object from the future civilization. The depth of the dark abyss will be called to attention as well, as the massive ring is half submerged, allowing reality and illusion to coalesce.

Invisible and Absolute, Jules Buck Jones
Design by Jules Buck Jones, artist

Invisible and Absolute is a sculpture of an extinct sea lizard called a mosasaur, commissioned specifically for Waller Creek Conservancy's 2016 Creek Show. Mosasaurs swam through the shallow sea that covered Central Texas 100-65 million years ago. In 1935, an almost complete skeleton was found in Onion Creek by geology students and is now on exhibit on the UT campus. The extinct animal swimming in the form of a skeleton offers a bit of history and fantasy. Invisible and Absolute asks the question: What is scarier? A 40-foot monster or extinction itself?

The Creek Zipper, OTA+
Design by Kory Bieg, AIA

The Creek Zipper is a series of interconnected units that form zipper-like strands. Each unit varies depending on the width of the strand, creating a dynamic overall geometry that ebbs and flows much like the water level of the creek itself. Strands extend the length of the creek between the Sixth Street bridge and the concrete steps that span the river between Sixth and Seventh street. The strands are free-flowing and occasionally join one another to form larger strands. Each strand differs in length and width.

Phantom Diversion, West Shop and Cook Shop
Design by Alisa West, landscape designer, and Travis Cook, designer

Phantom Diversion is an analysis and interpretation of a particular intersection between the natural and built environment. The design seeks to bring attention to a series of exposed, above-grade diversion pipes on Waller Creek and to reveal their mundane beauty through a series of glowing circular elements. The arrangement of these elements will undulate, swell, and distort based on site-specific data. 

Nimbus Cloud, Animalis
Design by Dharmesh Patel, associate AIA, Autumn Ewalt, artist

The installation resembles a rain cloud and serves as a reflection of the vitality of Waller Creek and the nature that surrounds it. Using programmable LEDs installed within the sculpture, abstracted imagery collected from Waller Creek and the areas surrounding the watershed will be conveyed onto the cloud. The water beneath the sculpture will mirror this ephemeral phenomena.