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Austin-based company sends 2 women on worldwide dating adventure

Austin-based company sends 2 women on worldwide dating adventure

Bumble global connector bees
Bumble global connector bees

It sounds like The Bachelorette on steroids. Austin-based Bumble, a women-centric social networking platform, has hired its first-ever “Global Connector Bees” to look for love and friendship across the globe.

On January 14, Juliana Broste and Brigette Muller set off on their journey, which kicked off in Singapore. On Bumble’s dime, they’ll traverse the planet for the next eight months in search of opportunities to go on dates, make friends, and develop networking connections. The two “bees” will share their escapades through videos, blog posts, social media posts, and other avenues.

In Singapore, Broste and Muller are helping launch the Bumble Bizz career platform, the company's networking app. Other stops on their itinerary will include Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the U.S.

Chelsea Maclin, vice president of marketing at Bumble, says Broste and Muller were chosen from among thousands of applicants.

“We initially wanted to hire one person for the job, but after meeting Brigette and Juliana, we knew that we had to extend offers to both of them,” Maclin says in a January 14 release. “As a company that prioritizes healthy, safe, and equitable relationships, we know that we’re the most powerful when two people are making a connection.”

Bumble says the pair will spend about two weeks in each city, using the company's different verticals to guide them around the city. The two will then document their journeys on social media.

“It’s not easy to put yourself out there, but you’ve got to take chances,” says Broste, a video journalist from Denver. “Those big risks are worth it! There’s nothing like the power of human connection. I’m so excited to get out there and meet new people in a different way.”

Joining Broste on the global adventure is Muller, a social media specialist and blogger from New York City.

“Almost eight months ago, I woke up to a text from one of my friends with no words — it was just a link to Bumble’s announcement about the Global Connector Bee opportunity,” Muller says in the release. “I immediately knew that I had to apply. I can’t wait to connect with people on Bumble and learn what each city is like.”

Bumble says interested parties can follow the duo's adventures on social media or via the company's YouTube channel.