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Austin news feed: Road rage guy apologizes, the city's best drunk food and more

Austin news feed: Road rage guy apologizes for very bad behavior

Rashaad Ben_road rage guy_Berkman_East Austin_apology_February 2015
Rashaad Ben apologized for his fit of road rage.  Screenshot/KVUE News
Kebabalicious gyro
Kebabalicious' delicious gyro was named one of the best dishes in the country to satisfy your drunken food cravings. Kebabalicious/Facebook
Rashaad Ben_road rage guy_Berkman_East Austin_apology_February 2015
Kebabalicious gyro

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1. The road rage guy apologizes for bad behavior. Earlier this week, a video of Rashaad Ben's East Austin road rage incident went viral. Ben came forward to police and apologized on camera to KVUE News and Julie Nowlin, the woman who taped the incident that included him spitting on her car.

2. Kebabalicious named one of the best "drunk foods" in America. Thrillist says that the downtown food trailer's late hours and delicious wraps are perfect for your drunken cravings, especially since eating there is "like having a sloppy make-out session with the entire Middle East."

3. Lack of diversity among AISD programs breeds tension. "There’s a problem," said Trustee Ted Gordon about LBJ High School and the magnet school, Liberal Arts and Science Academy, that is housed on its second floor. "You've got an upstairs and a downstairs. And we're downstairs."

4. UT fraternity is in trouble for throwing a "border patrol" party. After hosting an ambiguously themed party, Texas Fiji is under investigation (and under fire) for the alleged racist nature of the costumes and decorations, which were seen as derogatory toward Mexican culture. 

5. Take a peek at some of the coolest beers inside some of your favorite beer joint's private cellars. You think your favorite bar has the best beers on tap? Think again. The latest beer trend has bars storing the rarest craft brews for years to make sure that they not only age well, but that they can be used for limited-edition releases later on.