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Awesome spring break camp ideas for cool Austin kids

Awesome spring break camp ideas for cool Austin kids

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The Contemporary Austin's camps are perfect for the creative kids in your family. The Contemporary Austin/Facebook

Spring break. It’s the bane of every parent. That time of year where parents need to add the stress of finding some place to send our kids for the one week (or two for certain charters) that they are out of school. But if you, like me, are late in the planning stages and still scrambling to find said camp, you’re in luck. The following list of Austin camps are fun, cool, and still have open slots.

Austin Tinkering School
For kiddos who want to build things out of wood with real tools and fantastic instructors, look no further than the Austin Tinkering School. The concept of started in California and was founded by Gever Tulley, who gave his blessings to the Austin branch. The philosophy is simple: Give kids the tools and space they need to create, and they will thrive. The teachers collaborate more than teach, and the camps are open to children ages 6 to 10. Tinkering Juniors is available for older kids.

Farm Camp
Where does our food come from? How do we care for animals other than the family dog or ubiquitous school guinea pig? Kids that attend the highly popular Green Gate Farms Camps get answers to these questions and a crash course in farm-to-table living. Kids can do everything from planting and harvesting in the garden, to caring for livestock like bunnies, goats, and even a horse! Discounts are available to CSA members.

Creative Action
Creative Action is an Austin nonprofit success story. The group has serving the community for over 10 years and offers meaningful experiences to kids in schools and through theatrical workshops. The spring break camps this year focus on games with kid-lead activities. Through board games, movement, and small group design strategies, kids learn all the various aspects to creating their own unique games.

The Contemporary Austin
Maybe your progeny is a budding Basquiat, or, like me, you’ve deluded yourself into hoping that’s true. There’s no harm in trying. Kids who would rather break out the paints and pastels or get up to their elbows in clay may enjoy the highly creative camps offered through the Contemporary Austin. Camps are organized by age groups and start with introductory art-making for wee ones and include claymation and printmaking for older kids.

Stitch Lab
I failed home economics in seventh grade — a sore point for many years. I was never the crafty type, and in the age of DYI culture and Etsy, I wish I had paid more attention. Kids that show an affinity for sewing will be delighted by the week-long, introductory sewing camp offered at Stitch Lab. Bring your own sewing machine or rent one. Kids will work on creating their own stuffed animal, treasure banner, and sachets.