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Here's where to work in Austin to make the most money

Here's where to work in Austin to make the most money

Google office interior
Seven of America's highest paying companies have a presence in Austin. Photo courtesy of Google

Jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor recently compiled a list of America's 15 highest paying companies. Luckily for Austinites looking to make six figures, seven of those companies have offices or job opportunities in town.

The list, which was compiled by analyzing salary information shared by employees over the past year on the site, ranks the companies based on total median compensation, taking into account annual base salary, cash and stock bonuses, commissions and other forms of financial income.

All of the companies have median total annual total compensation that start at more than $140,000. Not surprisingly, the seven companies listed that have Austin offices and/or job opportunities are in the tech industry. In fact, only two of the nine tech companies on the list — Netflix and Mozilla — don't have any kind of presence in Austin.

The highest paying company with Austin job opportunities is Good Technology, an IT/mobility management company that has a median total compensation of $147,500. Google, which recently expanded in Austin, ranks No. 13 on the list, with an annual median total compensation of $143,500.

Check out the complete list of highest paying companies (including their overall ranking and total median compensation) that are on-the-ground in Austin: 

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