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Austinites really hate cleaning and other odd facts about locals

Austinites really hate cleaning and other odd facts about locals

Zilker Kite Festival with downtown Austin in background
Austinites love self-improvement, home-cooked food, and mending fences, but we hate cleaning. Zilker Kite Festival/Facebook

Austin is home to interesting people with even more interesting needs. The evidence? Thumbtack, an online service that links people with service professionals, combed through tens of thousands of requests from locals to uncover a handful of things truly unique to Austin.

For starters, Austinites aren't afraid to ask for help. Requests for psychotherapy (160 percent), career coaching (120 percent), life coaching (75 percent), and relationship counseling (70 percent) are way higher here than Texas overall.

This foodie city is cooking. Cooking lessons are 750 percent more popular in Austin than Houston. On the flip side, demand for personal chefs is 52 percent higher here than the rest of the Lone Star State.

As much as we love to eat, Austinites hate to clean. A whopping 91 percent more people hired a cleaning service in 2015 than they did the year before. 

We're also mending fences. Literally. Last year saw a 122 percent surge in demand for fence repairs and installation — we'll let you decide if that's because of pesky neighbors or not.

Texas as a whole has some unique service requests too. Basketball lessons (126 percent), holiday light installation (111 percent), immigration attorneys (92 percent), pest control (69 percent), embroidery (64 percent), animal and rodent removal (61 percent), golf lessons (61 percent), and dog grooming (47 percent) are more popular in our state than in the U.S. as a whole.