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University of Texas at Austin towers over the rest on list of world's best schools

University of Texas at Austin towers over list of world's best schools

University of Texas at Austin tower aerial
The eyes of the whole world are upon Texas today. University of Texas at Austin/Facebook

On May 30, London-based magazine Times Higher Education released its prestigious World Reputation Rankings for 2018, and our very own University of Texas at Austin took the No. 36 spot, towering over the rest of the state. 

The invitation-only survey is given to senior, published academics who rank the best schools for both research and academia across a variety of fields. The responders may only submit 15 names or fewer, ensuring the final list is indeed reflective of the world's top schools. 

The magazine highlights many of UT's shining attributes, calling it "a world-renowned higher education, research-intensive institution," and noting the school's 18 top-ranked colleges and schools, 17 libraries, and seven museums. THE also calls out some of the school's most famous alumni, such as Bill Moyers, Marcia Gay Harden, Walter Cronkite, and, naturally, Matthew McConaughey. 

Austin itself is also considered an important part of the UT's prestige. THE editors point to the city's vibrant creative scene, music culture, and mini-Silicon Valley reputation among the reasons for the school's success. 

Perhaps the most endearing part of the UT description, however, comes as the English magazine attempts to explain the school's beloved mascot. "Its football teams, known as the Longhorns, are represented by a mascot called Bevo, a Longhorn steer that is said to embody the pride and tradition of Texas football," the magazine writes. 

Also appearing on the list (albeit much lower) is Texas A&M University, which was given a range between 71-80. No other Texas school — including Rice University and Texas Tech — was listed. 

Taking the top five spots is Harvard University (No. 1); Massachussetts Insititute of Technology (No. 2); Stanford University (No. 3); University of Cambridge (No. 4); and University of Oxford, which slipped one from 2017 to take the No. 5 spot.