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5 Austin boot camps that will kick your ass in the best way possible

5 Austin boot camps that will kick your ass in the best way possible

Stronghorn Fitness Austin Boot Camp
Get fit, have fun this summer in Austin. Stronghorn Fitness/Facebook

Look, all you really need to have a "bikini body" is to put a bikini on your body. That said, if you're looking to trim, tone, or lose some pounds, Austin's got an abundance of fitness fanatics that will put you through the paces. Here are our top picks for local boot camps that will have you confidently stripping down to your skimpiest suit.

Fighting Fit Boot Camp
Small classes, small gym, big results. Fighting Fit focuses on full-body fitness with a boxing bent. There are three body transformation paths: hatha yoga, martial arts, and overall fitness. Fighting Fit also offers kickboxing classes — 45 minutes each — which include bag work, not just punching at the air. This ain't your mama's kickboxing. Best part? It's inside! Visit the website to request a free class.

Stronghorn Fitness
The Stronghorn Fitness program is built around community. No startup fees, no contracts, no yelling. Find them in parks all over Austin swinging kettlebells and high-fiving. In addition to the eight-week cycle boot camps, you can join trail runs, track workouts, or participate in donation-based Sweaty Saturdays. Workouts are outdoors regardless of conditions. First week is always free.

Relentless Boot Camp
This CrossFit-centric boot camp will put your body to the test while providing guidance on proper nutrition and technique. With locations all over the city, workouts get progressively more challenging as you go along, and each month has a different focus on stamina, strength, or speed. What's fun about Relentless is it hosts outside social events like Flex in the City, Sweat & Sangria, Under The Bridge + Brunch, and free community workouts. 

Of the Lion Fitness
Of the Lion's boot camp classes are offered twice weekly at its North Lamar location, and you pay monthly. Accountability is the thing here. If you skip class to eat Ben & Jerry's and watch Bravo, you may get a text from the instructor. Try your first week free, and if you're EMS, fire, military, a student, or teacher, Of the Lion offers a 15 percent discount.

HEAT Boot Camp
HEAT is hard core. One of the original boutique fitness studios, its approach to boot camp is a different one. Each "class" is a camp and utilizes all forms of equipment — TRX, Bosu, kettlebell, free weights, barbells, and body weight. It's indoors and geared towards being a way of life rather than a set amount of time. Coaches create their own programs so you can pick and choose. HEAT is currently running a trial membership special — 30 days for $50.