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Watching Wilfred, Nic Cage cats, Infinite Jest onstage and more

Watching Wilfred, Nic Cage cats, Infinite Jest onstage and more

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 Wilfred Season One is now available online.

Here are the links we loved today:


You can watch the season premiere of Wilfred online now; Stream Fiona Apple’s latest album on NPR.

Jack White is on today’s episode of WTF with Marc Maron.

A lawyer who claims popular humor site The Oatmeal ripped him off is seeking financial retribution — from the charities The Oatmeal supports. Wait, what now?

Lena Dunham responds to James Franco’s Girls snark, fueling the only celebrity feud worth following.

Austin author Tyler Stoddard Smith tells The Nervous Breakdown what he finds beautiful.

Sam Mendes is going to direct a stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks to The Guardian about Veep and the Seinfeld curse.

Wired has ten questions for social media guru Clay Shirky.

2005 documentary Zizek! is now on YouTube.

Do depressed people use the Internet differently?

Unsurprising news: Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom kind of sucks.


We can’t wait for this forthcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute album.                                                                                                                            

A German theater company put on a stage version of David Foster Wallace’s 1,079-page novel Infinite Jest. 


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