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Fist-bumping Franklin Barbecue employee discusses Obama's reaction to gay sex joke

Franklin Barbecue employee discusses Obama's reaction to gay sex joke

Obama Franklin Barbecue fist-bump
The fist-bump that catapulted Webb to fame. Photo by Doug Mills/Twitter: DougMillsNYT

If Andy Warhol is right and everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, then Austin's Daniel Webb is using his to bring national attention to an important issue: LGBTQ rights. 

After sharing a fist-bump last week during President Barack Obama's visit to Franklin Barbecue, Webb, an employee at the famed restaurant, was thrust into the national spotlight. After President Obama asked his name, Webb put his fist down on the counter and declared, "Equal rights for gays." When the president asked Webb if he was in fact gay, the stand-up comedian replied, "Only when I'm having sex." 

It was an unquestionably bold thing to say to the leader of the free world, but Webb is using the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk about the hard-hitting issues currently facing gays in Texas. During an interview Thursday night on MSNBC's Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Webb used his subversive sense of humor to go after one person in particular: Governor Rick Perry. 

"I would have taken Rick Perry to town if that ol' queen walked in. I would have let her have it," Webb joked before moving onto the serious issue of Perry recently comparing gays to alcoholics. "He called us diseased. And he did backtrack on it, but I've been in Texas as long as he's been governor and he's never been pro-gay in any of his policies," said Webb. "That man wants to run for president and I want to expose him ... I want Rick Perry to start accepting people and stop calling people diseased."

Webb goes on to discuss some of his issues with the GOP platform coming into the 85th Texas Legislative Session, which begins in January 2015. The entire interview is worth a watch — check it out below.