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Austin neighborhood's free community pantry stolen in broad daylight

Austin neighborhood's free community pantry stolen in broad daylight

Little Free Pantry Austin Texas
The Little Free Pantry was nabbed in the middle of the day. Little Free Pantry: Austin, Tx /Facebook

KVUE — A unique pantry with the purpose of helping those less fortunate has been stolen from a Central East Austin neighborhood, and it happened just days after its creator shared her story with KVUE.

"It's very frustrating that someone would take advantage of this," said Jenny Lorraine, who started the Little Free Pantry outside her home. "Who needs a rainbow-colored, 80-pound cabinet," she exclaimed.

The Little Free Pantry was on the corner of Cloverleaf Drive and Cameron Road when Lorraine said it was stolen in broad daylight. "I stood outside and looked around to see if someone moved it," she explained. Afterwards, she then noticed that the entire cabinet was gone.

"It's very disappointing because after the story aired on KVUE, people where using the cabinet so much more," Lorraine said.

The stolen pantry has since been replaced by a small cabinet donated by a neighbor, and only a few things are left on the shelves.

Lorraine's neighbor C.A. Cowser was the person who made the original pantry. "I've never built a cabinet, so it kind of hurts that the first one was stolen," Cowser said while working on building a replacement.

"I think what she's doing is a great thing for the community," said Cowser. "It's a shame this happened, but we're going to rebuild it better this next time."


To read the full story and see the video, head to KVUE.