Fond Farewell

Austin Chronicle co-founder retires after 36 years

Austin Chronicle co-founder retires after 36 years

Louis Black
Louis Black is leaving the Austin Chronicle. Photo courtesy of Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Louis Black, co-founder of the Austin Chronicle, is retiring from the alt-weekly publication, the team announced Tuesday, August 8. Black served as a leader at the paper for nearly four decades.

"It has been a 36-year adventure, a remarkable experience, producing and editing a paper I am proud of beyond reason," he writes in an internal letter to staff.

Black has served as the Chronicle's co-founder/co-editor/co-publisher with Nick Barbaro since its launch in 1981. The well-rounded entertainment enthusiast is also a co-founder of SXSW and the director of dream is destiny, a documentary about noted Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater. Retirement from the Chronicle frees up Black to pursue other projects, including further work with his production companies Production for Use and Louis Black Productions.

Says Black to his staff: "Thank you all for such a splendid run, producing a great paper, and helping to reflect, annotate, influence, and comment on such an extraordinary community. May you continue to do so with brilliance, integrity, passion, knowledge, and skill."

Black has a regular column in the Chronicle titled "Page 2." His final entry, which will address his retirement, will appear in the paper's first September issue.