After the storm

Local photographer captures gripping photos of downtown Austin during flood

After a summer of record-breaking heat, the Austin area received as much as 3.73 inches of rain on August 22, 2022. Local artist photographer Leonid Furmansky [https://www.instagram.com/_leonidfurmansky/?hl=en] headed to downtown Austin to capture arresting photos of rising flood waters. "I wanted to capture still images while showing the rapid rate of the flood. I took long exposure shots to show the direction of the flow of the water and the lines it created. I took images with buildings covering the sky to show the juxtaposition between nature and urban landscape," Furmansky says. "I was surprised by the candid moments with humans and the creek: In one image, a rain-soaked man sits on the edge of the rock beds; in another, a man in a suit looking out the window of a downtown skyscraper. I made these images because we live in a brand new city with few struggles: To see some kind of natural disaster on even a small scale proves that even today's technology and modern design can't keep up with Mother Nature." --- A colorful sky replaced heavy rains before sunset on August 22.