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APD says man broke into a home and raided the fridge

APD says man broke into a home and raided the fridge

KVUE — Police have arrested a man accused of breaking into a house and eating the residents' food.

According to an arrest affidavit, just before 10 pm on September 1, Austin police received a call regarding a burglary of a home in the 3900 block of Watersedge Drive. Police found 21-year-old Jake Ledbetter, shirtless, walking from the back of the house toward the lake nearby.

When the officer asked Ledbetter what he was doing in the area, Ledbetter said, "It's my path." The officer then asked Ledbetter what he was doing on the property. He said, "Eating their food ... from their refrigerator."

Officers determined that Ledbetter entered the home through an unlocked back door and entered the home to eat food — specifically watermelon, ice cream and pancake mix. Police found the containers of the items he had eaten in the backyard where they found Ledbetter.

Police said Ledbetter also stole a wakeboard from a boat on the opposite side of the lake, which he used to get to the home. He also admitted to stealing a wallet and a fanny pack from a Jeep in West Campus the day before.


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Police say a man broke into a home to eat food from the fridge.  Courtesy of Austin Police Department/Facebook