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Future of city-owned property on Rainey Street remains uncertain

Future of city-owned property on Rainey Street remains uncertain

KVUE — The future of two small, city-owned lots on Rainey Street is up in the air. 58 Rainey Street and 64 Rainey Street are on either side of the entrance to the Mexican American Cultural Center at 600 Rainey Street.

A few years ago, a developer offered the city more than $1 million for 64 Rainey Street — which included plans for more parking — but the deal fell through. Now the MACC Board says it wants the city to designate 58 and 64 Rainey as park land, but it isn't clear why, nor is it clear what the MACC Board wants to see the lots eventually become.

After the MACC Board meeting Wednesday night, Board president David Carroll refused to comment to CultureMap's reporting partners KVUE on the Board's vision for 58 and 64 Rainey Street. In mid-September, Austin's Downtown Commission voted to make a different piece of green space surrounding the MACC park land.

"There's a consensus among the stakeholders down here on Rainey Street, all of the stakeholders as to what happens with it, and if it is ultimately sold off because you have a real valuable asset. Any monies that are generated from it are used for infrastructure needs, and other needs, that this district has and needs desperately," said Ben Siegel, owner of Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden on Rainey Street.


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Two city-owned lots on Rainey Street face uncertain future. Rainey Street/Facebook