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Austin crowned one of the country's quirkiest cities in new list

Austin crowned one of the country's quirkiest cities in new list

Roadhouse Relics Greetings from Austin postcard mural
Welcome to Austin, where it's weird and quirky! Roadhouse Relics/Facebook

Yes, we all know about Austin’s reputation as one of the weirdest places in the country. If you live here, you can’t escape it. But it’s nice to get some outside validation of our Keep Austin Weird status.

The Discoverer travel blog recently named Austin one of the five quirkiest cities in the U.S. While the blog doesn’t rank the cities numerically, it does put Austin first, even though the five cities aren’t listed alphabetically.

“Austin may just be the king of quirky,” The Discoverer declares. “The Capital City of Texas is anything but traditional, and its unconventional vibe is a breath of fresh air.”

The blog cites Austin’s outdoor graffiti gallery, clothing-optional Hippie Hollow, and bat colony under the Congress Avenue bridge as three ingredients in the city’s recipe for quirkiness.

“Plus, the city’s quirkiness extends to its expanding food scene, which … ranges from traditional barbecue to unique food trucks all over the city,” The Discoverer notes.

The blog gives a nod to Brew & Brew as a spot where you can partake of both coffee and beer, and offers a shoutout to Austin’s many taco joints.

“And as the Live Music Capital of Texas, music lovers of all types will be in absolute heaven,” concludes The Discoverer, botching Austin’s title of Live Music Capital of the World.

The blog’s four other picks for the country’s quirkiest cities are:

  • Portland, Oregon, a perennial rival of Austin for the country’s keep-it-weird crown.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico, the eccentric, artsy city that happens to be a popular getaway spot for Austin residents.
  • New Orleans, the booze-soaked, Cajun-flavored melting pot of food, music, and history.
  • San Francisco, a hub for both hippies and hipsters. Mega-billionaire Elon Musk, now a proud Texan, recently warned Austin against turning into a “San Francisco copycat.” Last month, Musk announced that Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer that he leads, would be moving its headquarters from the San Francisco Bay Area to Austin.