Oh No They Didn't

Idiotic dating app boldly declares Texas women ugly

Idiotic dating app boldly declares Texas women ugly

Screaming woman
The dating app Clover doesn't think much of Texas women. Courtesy photo

Texas ladies, gird your looks: Dating app Clover is hitting us where it hurts. The app’s researchers have crunched user data to rank the most and least attractive people across the U.S., and the women of Fort Worth, and Texas overall, land on the ugly map. It's a humbling blow considering Texas women are known for impeccable primping (the higher the hair and all that).

According to Clover’s study, Fort Worth women rank No. 6 on the unsightly city list, beating out Oklahoma City ladies, who are the least attractive in the country. Amarillo also makes an appearance, taking the eighth ugliest spot. On the most attractive list, Manhattan women get the gold. 

As for states, Connecticut women win it all on the most attractive map, and on the flip side, Mississippi gals earn top honors in homeliness. Texas makes the least attractive state list, coming in at No. 8.

Before we all turn our Louboutins into murder weapons, consider this: Clover is hot on Tinder’s heels in the smartphone dating game. Therefore, it’s in the company’s best interest to ratchet up press with controversial “research” along with provocative infographics, which in this case includes a grotesque undead chick to illustrate the least attractive ladies.

When CultureMap reached out for more info on the study, Clover returned with a somewhat vague response, citing a “complex algorithm that uses many factors to calculate attractiveness beyond basic likes and dislikes” and stating that “the quality of interest and interaction a user receives plays a large role.”

Based on that, we’re going to float the theory that Lone Star men are so intimidated by our beauty that they engage us less than other states. What else could it be? This is Texas, after all, the state that bore the most flawless of them all, Beyonce.