Holiday Win

Austin tops tasty list of best cities for a Thanksgiving feast

Austin tops tasty list of best cities for a Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving stuffing dressing
Yep, Austin's the No. 1 city in the South for stuffing.

If you’re dreading the annual trip to your relative’s for more of the same “world-famous” yams this Turkey Day, you now have an excuse to skip out in search of a real Thanksgiving feast. In Texas, you’re going to find the best tryptophan-induced food coma in Austin.

On a mission to find the best cities for Thanksgiving, Trulia delved into its local data to find which cities in the U.S. have the supporting amenities for the best quintessential Thanksgiving meal ingredients.

After dividing the country into four sections — West, Midwest, South, and Midwest — they found the top three cities of each region. Sarasota, Florida, placed first in the South; Orlando, Florida, came in second; and Austin rounded out the top three.

Trulia ranked each city by number of farmers markets, spice stores, grocery stores, meat shops, pumpkin patches, bakeries, and holiday decoration stores per 10,000 households. In addition, Trulia layered areas with the highest number of wild turkeys, according to data from USGS, to calculate the feast-worthy cities.

Cities in each of the four sections of the U.S. were also ranked for best specialty dishes. After digging through Yelp data for the largest concentrations of farmers markets, grocery stores, herbs and spices and meat shops, Austin came in No. 1 for stuffing in the South. 

Whether you prefer your turkey home-cooked or served at your favorite Austin eatery, the Texas capital makes it easy to enjoy the quintessential Thanksgiving feast.