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Local restaurants star on Bravo, where to land a rich husband and more top stories

Top stories: Local restaurants on Bravo, where to land a rich husband

Barlata Austin
Barlata is one of the local restaurants featured on Bravo's new series.  Barlata/Facebook

This week's top stories are all about food, drinks — and where to land a rich husband. From the best alternatives to Austin's popular (and busy) restaurants, to a sport that combines two of the city's favorite activities (running and drinking beer), here are the biggest stories of the week.

1.Two Lone Star bars have been deemed the top watering holes to land a rich husband.

2. Check out the 9 best alternatives to Austin's most popular restaurants.

3. Four local restaurants are competing on Bravo's newest reality series, Best New Restaurant.

4. Here's a new sport for you: Austin hosted the first ever Beer Mile World Championships this week.

5. A-OK Chinese on South Lamar closed its doors after months of mixed reviews.