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Austin's most popular dog names reflect a few of our favorite things

Austin's most popular dog names reflect a few of our favorite things

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Brisket? Is that you? Photo by Nicole Raney

Austinites are embracing their hipster image, at least when it comes to naming our dogs. Rover.com, the nation's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, dug through the hundreds of thousands of names in its database to come up with the nation's top 10 male and female dog names, as well as those you might hear being called at an Austin dog park.

Though human names are still skyrocketing in popularity — 28 percent of all monikers, in fact — and Austin's top 10 pretty much mirrors the nation's favorites for both male and female dogs, it's the more unusual names that help keep Austin weird.

Bowtie, for one. That's one of the "hipster" names that Rover attributes to Austin, along with Brewery and Sushi. We love our tech, too, as evidenced by the rise in the names Pixel, Mac, and Tesla.

But with junk food names on the rise nationally by 2 percent, our trend of naming our pups Brisket, Pickle, and Taco is right on point. Makes sense, since we love to take our four-legged pals along when we grab a bite.

Overall owners are still 28 percent more likely to name their furkids as if they were human children. The most popular male dog name in the nation is Max, followed by Charlie, Buddy, Cooper, and Jack (Austin keeps this top five intact, though there's some switching of placement). For female pups, Bella soars to No. 1, with Lucy, Daisy, Lola, and Luna close behind. Sub Sadie in for Luna, and you've got Austin's top five.