NYE Bummer

Texas cities dissed as worst places to spend New Year's Eve, but not Austin

Texas cities dissed as worst places for New Year's Eve, but not Austin

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WalletHub says you want to be almost anywhere but Texas cities when the clock strikes midnight. Courtesy photo

We think Texas is a pretty great place in which to celebrate New Year's Eve, but apparently WalletHub doesn't agree. The personal finance website places Fort Worth and a handful of other Texas cities near the bottom of its list of the best and worst places to spend New Year's Eve.

Using 17 key metrics, WalletHub analyzed 100 of the nation's biggest cities to produce the list. Things like the cost of party tickets and hotel room rate hikes were factored in, along with the amount of nightlife options, forecasted precipitation, and safety and crime rates.

Fort Worth ranks a dismal 96 out of 100, with Garland (No. 94) and Arlington (No. 92) not far away. Other poorly ranked Texas cities include Irving (No. 77), Plano (No. 72), and San Antonio (No. 63). Houston (No. 50) and Dallas (No. 44) find themselves in the middle of the pack. 

Fort Worth is one of the most consistently low-ranked cities on the list: 88th for entertainment and food, 83rd for costs, and 86th for safety and accessibility. To add insult to injury, it also pops up on the worst luxury shopping list, which we didn't know was a factor for a fun New Year's Eve until now.

Austin, all the way up at No. 27, fares the best in Texas. The Capital City garners decent rankings for entertainment and food as well as costs. Safety and accessibility, however, is another story.

So where should you be when the clock strikes midnight? You can usher 2016 in with style in Orlando, San Francisco, and Atlanta. But avoid North Las Vegas, which came in dead last.