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Austin's first medical marijuana shop opening soon and more hot headlines

Austin's first medical marijuana shop opening soon and more stories

Medicinal marijuana
The medical dispensary will sell only to registered patients. Courtesy photo

Editor's note: The state's first-ever medical marijuana shop opening soon in Austin is our "buzziest" story of the week. Read on to learn about sad shutters, Korean fried chicken, and just when we can expect that second food hall to open. 

1. Texas' first medical marijuana dispensary opening soon in Austin. So, yes, you have to be a registered patient, but the announcement of Texas' first-ever medical marijuana dispensary opening is big news for pot advocates. In addition to selling low-THC medical cannabis products and CBD oil from it's Manchaca store, the company will also deliver across the state.

2. Here are the best times to view rare 'super blue blood moon' in Austin. If you're like us and woke up before dawn on Wednesday to catch the super blue blood moon only to be met with a disappointing cloud cover, don't fret. The next one is right around the corner on January 31, 2037.

3. Highly anticipated Asian food hall and supermarket sets Austin opening date. In China, it's the year of the dog. In Austin, it's the year of the food hall. The Capital City's next food-porium is on schedule for a mid-February opening date. 

4. Austin food scene shocked by shutters of beloved barbecue joint and farmers market favorite. Say it ain't so! Austin's food scene lost not one, not two, but three local institutions this week. 

5. World-famous Korean fried chicken chain flies into Round Rock. This Washington, D.C.-based chain is known for two things: having awesome chicken, and having to wait in line to get the awesome chicken.