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Austin's best neighborhood restaurants, wildest SXSW activations, and more top stories

Austin's top neighborhood restaurants, wild SXSW activations, and more

Cheeslandia Wisconsin SXSW 2018
Wisconsin (the state) is bringing a miniature cheese festival to SXSW. Wisconsin Cheese/Instagram

Editor's note: Hope you're enjoying just another normal, boring weekend in the Live Music Capital of the World. Just kidding. If you're SXSW-ing, make sure to check out our full coverage and hot tips here. If you're avoiding the festival, we have you covered there, too. Read on for the week's top stories. 

1. Austin's 9 best neighborhood restaurants are the heart and soul of the city. Of course we all love dining at the hottest, trendiest establishments, but there is something magical about a quiet dinner in the neighborhood. Austin's best neighborhood restaurants run from chic West Austin newbies to classic East Austin hideaways. 

2. The wildest, weirdest, most ridiculous events coming to Austin during SXSWThe past few SXSWs have brought some pretty crazy things to Austin (remember Lady Gaga and the giant Dorito?) but this year is packed with insane, funny, and interesting pop-ups. Learn where you'll find a giant Ferris wheel of cheese, how to get a hydrofacial, and the best place to roller skate. 

3. Westlake's unique new boutique hotel brings Hill Country views to Austin. This darling new gem, tucked away in West Austin, offers a chic new getaway that feels miles away from the city's hustle and bustle.

4. Austin punches in with hottest job market in the U.S., says Wall Street Journal. Welcome to Austin, a city that is literally and figuratively hot most of the time. The latest analysis from the Wall Street Journal says the city has the top job market in the country right now. 

5. These 8 bartenders are the straight up best of Austin's cocktail scene. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that Austin loves a good cocktail. Meet eight of the finest bartenders in the Capital City as part of our CultureMap Tastemakers series.