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Upscale Austin restaurants with half-off deals, plus the week's most popular stories

Upscale Austin restaurants with half-off deals, plus more top stories

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Backspace has weekday deals from 5-6:30 pm. Courtesy of The Backspace

Editor's note: This weekend is here and it's time to check in with our most popular stories this week. From upscale restaurants with down-low deals to the cost of owning versus renting a home in Austin, these are the five things that captured our attention this week. 

1. 7 upscale Austin restaurants with half-off food and drink happy hours. Everyone wants to hit the hottest restaurants, but sometimes our bank account precludes us from dining out. Consider this your cheat sheet. Seven of Austin's bougiest restaurants actually offer terrific half-off deals and happy hours throughout the week. Dine like you have a baller's budget when, really, you just have a budget.

2. What to know about the buzzy new restaurant that just arrived in East Austin. Everyone is talking about this new East Sixth Street restaurant, but what do you really need to know before you go? The restaurant has an Austin dream hospitality team behind it, delicious fare, and beautiful interiors, but it also raises important questions about the culture of food.

3. Texas-themed tavern tries luck in troubled Warehouse District space. This West Fourth Street space has seen a rotating door of concepts in recent years, but a Texas-themed bar thinks it has what it takes to stick around. And it just might. After all, if there are two things Texans love, its drinking and Texas.

4. Quirky luncheonette quietly opens in the heart of downtown Austin. Leave it to Patika, arguably South Austin's coolest coffee shop, to come up with a quirky, fun way to break into the downtown market. Cue Patika Luncheonette, a sweet space offering grab-and-go meals, freshly made sandwiches, and a hearty breakfast menu.

5. Here's how much money homeowners save over renters in Austin. Spoiler alert: It's more than you think.