Gettin' High with Willie

Willie Nelson talks to NYT about getting high, hating edibles and smoking in the White House

Willie Nelson on loving pot, hating edibles and smoking in White House

Summer Fest, June 2012, Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson talks to Maureen Dowd about getting high. Photo by Jeremy Keas

In June, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd got high. Well, she actually got really, really high eating edibles in Denver and embarked on a terrible trip that she then chronicled in a piece entitled, "Don’t harsh our mellow, dude." It was one those super buzzy viral sensations that got the attention of pretty much everyone — including Willie Nelson

During a recent stop at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., Nelson invited Dowd onto his Honeysuckle Rose tour bus to talk pot. And as Dowd so eloquently points out, "When Willie Nelson invites you to get high with him on his bus, you go."

Though Dowd only alludes to smoking pot with the music legend (side note: possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana in the District of Columbia is decriminalized), she does get some pretty interesting revelations out of the Red Headed Stranger and a few tips on how to avoid a horrible edible experience. 

He was a mean drunk
"Everybody’s got to kill their own snakes, as they say. I found out that pot is the best thing for me because I needed something to slow me down a little bit." Nelson was such a mean drunk, he said, that if he’d kept drinking heavily, "there’s no telling how many people I would have killed by now."

Willie on edibles
"Honestly, I don’t do edibles. I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way, because I don’t enjoy the high that the body gets. Although I realize there’s a lot of other people who have to have it that way, like the children that they’re bringing to Colorado right now for medical treatments. Those kids can’t smoke. So for those people, God bless 'em, we’re for it."

On Jerry Brown
"I never listened to him that much."

Willie's bad trip
"The same thing that happened to [Maureen Dowd] happened to me one or two times when I was not aware of how much strength was in whatever I was eating ... One time, I ate a bunch of cookies that I knew they were laced but I didn’t worry about it. I just wanted to see what it would do, and I overdid it, naturally, and I was laying there, and it felt like the flesh was falling off my bones."

On getting high at the Carter-era White House
"I’m sure it happened."

Never change, Willie. Never change.