ACL Fest News, Weekend Two

ACL second-weekend passes are officially sold out on the festival's website

ACL second-weekend passes are officially sold out

Update: KUT is now reporting that passes are officially sold out, though they are still being sold through secondary outlets.

If you've caught a late case of ACL fever and are passless for next weekend, don't despair. Earlier today, KUT News reported that passes for ACL Fest's second weekend — October 11-13, same bands, same place — were going for approximately $100 less than face value online.

The station's Wells Dunbar reported that, while this weekend is sold out, popular online marketplaces such as ticket clearinghouse StubHub and capitalist free-for-all Craigslist were selling next weekend's passes for substantially less than the festival's price of $225. An economist quoted in the story predicted that prices might not stay low for long, depending on how this weekend turns out.

We won't speculate on what, if anything, the means about the festival as a whole. We're just going let you know that you can still purchase tickets in a completely official and above-board manner here, or apparently elsewhere, even if you're late to the game.

And if all else fails, there are always the aftershows — at least the ones that aren't sold out.

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