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Austin’s first hipster suburb, viral Simpsons pop-up, and more popular stories

Austin’s first hipster suburb, Simpsons pop-up bar, and more stories

City of Leander
Leander is transforming into Austin's "cool suburb." City of Leander/Facebook

Editor's note: It's that time again — time to to check in with our top stories of the week. From our Leander's new designation as a "hipster suburb" to a new "boho-chic" hotel, here are the five stories that captured Austin's attention over the past seven days.

1. Surprising city developing into Austin’s first 'hipster suburb,' according to experts. Austin is a very hip but increasingly expensive city. With living costs rising across the country, many city-dwellers are moving to the suburbs — but refusing to give up the cool conveniences of living inside an urban core. Behold the rise of the hipsturbia, aka a "cool" suburb.

2. Popular East Austin bar's viral Simpsons pop-up returns for Halloween. Last year, Nickel City transformed into Moe's, the Simpsons watering hole frequented by Homer and co., and set off a viral sensation. This year, the pop-up is back and you can go now through November 3. Just don't have a cow, man.

3. Beloved Austin burger bar hops into new location and more food news. In its quest to make keep bellies full, homegrown Hopdoddy is expanding yet again. The burger bar, famous for milkshakes and long lines, is moo-ving into its first-ever Cedar Park location.

4. Startling study shows how many Austinites struggle to afford rent. There's a reason all those people are moving to hipsturbias. Rents are continuing to climb as wages remain relatively stagnant, thus causing an affordability crisis where almost half of renters in Austin are struggling to actually pay that rent.

5. 31-story hotel 'inspired by Austin’s boho-chic lifestyle' takes shape on Congress Avenue. You know that meme, "But make it fashion?" This story is about developers who are like, "It's a Hyatt, but make it Austin."