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Colorful train journey from New York to Austin and more hot headlines

Colorful train journey from New York to Austin and more hot headlines

Amtrak train
Learn about the train journey from New York City to Austin in this delightful essay. Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Amtrak

Editor's note: Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe it's the fact that it still feels like summer. Whatever the reason, many of this week's top stories are about hitting the open road and traveling to faraway places. Read on to find out the week's top stories. 

1. Cross-country train from New York to Austin is a journey of colorful characters and cramped quarters. Contributor James Jeffrey penned this funny — and slightly claustrophobic — personal essay about a train trip from New York City to Austin.

2. Beyond Marfa: 3 adventures to celebrate the epic spirit of West Texas. Marfa is swell, but the next time you're heading to West Texas, try one of these adventures as well.

3. Mandatory paid sick leave could become reality for Austin workers. Austin City Council is considering whether to make mandatory sick leave a requirement for all Austin-based companies. 

4. Spinoff of smash hit The Walking Dead is now filming at these Austin locations. Fear the Walking Dead is bringing the undead — and an entire film crew — to South Austin. The spinoff to the smash AMC hit The Walking Dead is currently filming season two in town. 

5. Hidden gem: New downtown food truck offers irresistible Brazilian cheese bread. Our most shared story of the week is about a new downtown food trailer serving up a delicious South American snack.