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The Pop Almanac Podcast #15: Proselytizing

The Pop Almanac Podcast #15: Proselytizing

In a follow-up to last week's discussion of cults surrounding certain pieces of pop culture, this week Brendan and Duncan delve into the specific cults that they're active members of. Which movies, shows and musicians do they make an effort to know the most about, watch as often as poissible and convert the most new people to?

First and foremost, your hosts discuss a movie that perhaps forms the very basis of their friendship, and thus The Pop Almanac itself: an independent time travel thriller from 2004 called Primer. They're happy to extoll the virtues of a film that none of their friends had seen independently — thought it has enough of a cult audience to even be lampooned in certain circles.
Then, the debate about Duncan's distaste for Scarface is reopened — though once it's discovered that he's also never played Grand Theft Auto, one begins to suspect he just doesn't know how to live in general.
In music, Brendan's devotion to the Mountain Goats' endless live bootlegs is rivaled only by Duncan's collection of Guided By Voices' B-sides. Television in the modern era seems to defy cult status beyond obvious regrattably-cancelled shows like Arrested Development and Party Down, but the intensity with which fans of Ron Moore's reimagining of Battlestar Galactica makes for a worthy discussion.
It's a tangent-filled and peppy installment (if not as snappy as promised) to round out 2011 in pop culture.

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