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January at the Drafthouse: Alamo 100, The Room and Britney

January at the Drafthouse: Alamo 100, The Room, and Britney

Britney Spears holding a python snake
Britney Spears will get her due with a special sing-along this month at the Drafthouse. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
Alamo 100 presents Charlie Chaplin in film City Lights
Catch Charlie Chaplin and other screen legends when the Drafthouse launches its new film series, Alamo 100. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
Greg Sestero with Tommy Wiseau on the rooftop in The Room
Greg Sestero (l) will be on hand to discuss his roll in cult hit The Room. Photo courtesy of The Independent
Britney Spears holding a python snake
Alamo 100 presents Charlie Chaplin in film City Lights
Greg Sestero with Tommy Wiseau on the rooftop in The Room

A new year marks new beginnings. It’s likely that most of you have an extensive list of ways to better yourself starting in January, whether it’s mind, body or spirit.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you needn't, and shouldn’t, change — like going to the Alamo Drafthouse to catch a few good movies. Of course, they’ll be making their own changes in entertaining programming for the month. Here’s a breakdown of the badass shows they have going on in January. Try see a few whenever you’re struggling to fulfill a resolution at the gym.

Alamo 100 Film Series

From the early days of its first theater on Colorado Street to the numerous nationwide locations of today, the Drafthouse has screened a whole mess of movies spanning countless genres and eras. Finally, in 2014, the Drafthouse programmers will present their personal lists of essential films.

The Alamo 100 is a list composed of the absolute favorites of the minds behind the Drafthouse. Starting in January you can start to marking off your list with City Lights, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Sixteen Candles, and more. As a token for seeing each classic film, you even get a free commemorative button at the screening, which will add great value to your pieces of flair collection.

Action Pack: Britney Spears Sing-Along

In late 2013, the Action Pack paid tribute to Mr. Justin Timberlake with a sing-along series devoted to music videos from his entire career. Now it’s only proper to have JT step aside and let the Princess of Pop take over the spotlight.

As usual, the Action Pack video DJs will sample as much as they can from Britney’s illustrious and deliciously scandalous career, and you get to sing along and dance with your BFFs. It will also be a reminder that Miley can only dream of being as toxic as Britney.

The Room With Greg Sestero Live

The Drafthouse series will focus primarily on screening movies held in high regard, but fans of perhaps the greatest bad movie of all time will be able to get a special look behind the scenes of The Room.

Actor Greg Sestero would star alongside director Tommy Wiseau in the disaster of a movie, but he never thought that The Room would see the light of day. It in fact gained a devoted cult following, leading Sestero to accept his strange path to “success” and write a book about the ordeal of making The Room. Sestero will appear for the special screening to chat with fans, so buy a ticket and be sure to give him a welcoming “Oh hi, Mark!”

Do-Gooder Gamers: GTA V Destruct-A-Thon

Gamers always get a bad rap in society, suffering the slings and arrows of names such as “ne’er-do-wells” and “rapscallions” from older generations. But deep down they all have hearts of gold and will whatever they can to help others out — especially if they get to blow shit up.

That’s where Do-Gooder Gamers come in. To help raise funds for the charity Child’s Play, they are hosting a GTA V Destruct-a-Thon. Random audience members will be chosen to come up and construct the best video game rampage, with Grand Theft Auto V acting as their canvases. Prizes will be given out to the best and most creative rampages, but truly the greatest prize is knowing that you helped out a good cause through the magic of explosions.