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The 16 Austin bloggers guaranteed to make your life stylish, fit, drunk and full

16 Austin bloggers to help make your life stylish, fit, drunk and full

Darling Detail Blog
Jessi Afshin offers up travel, food and fashion inspiration on The Darling Detail. Photo by Jessi Afshin/ The Darling Detail
Bitch Beer
Bitch Beer seeks to reclaim the derogatory term while giving delicious tips on brews. Bitch Beer/ Facebook
Jake Ko a taste of ko
Jane Ko, creator of A Taste of Koko. Photo courtesy of A Taste of Ko
Camille Styles
Camille Styles of lifestyle blog Camille Styles. Courtesy of
Lauren Modery
Lauren Modery, creator of Hipstercrite. Courtesy of Lauren Modery/Instagram
Darling Detail Blog
Bitch Beer
Jake Ko a taste of ko
Camille Styles
Lauren Modery

Let’s face it, Austin is growing and there’s no sign of stopping. But with the city’s tremendous growth, niche interests have become abundant and the city limits are teeming with experts. We rounded up some of our favorite bloggers for you to follow and stay updated on everything local. And we do mean everything.

Food + Drink
A Taste of Koko
This Texas native has made a name for herself by combining food and photography to create an aesthetically pleasing blog full of great tips on local cuisine. Creator (and our best friend in our head), Jane Ko, delivers readers an intimate look into her food journey while highlighting some of Austin’s best-kept food secrets. Planning a trip to San Francisco or Taipei? Ko often travels and takes note of all the best food she’s found on her vacays, making it a great blog for out-of-town research, too.

Bitch Beer
This group of (mostly) Austin women is changing the world of craft beer with some serious feminist drive. “Bitch beer,” a formerly derogatory term used to categorize lighter, sweeter or less intense beer has been reclaimed by some of the finest craft beer connoisseurs in the country. Check out what these ladies have to say before you crack open your next cold one.

Tipsy Texan
If there are two things you should never mess with, it's our happy hours and our booze. Tipsy Texan devotes time and expertise to celebrate the joy of libations on their blog. You can up your alcohol game with everything from recipes to recommendations on this site, and we highly suggest you do. Cheers, y’all!

Girl Eats World
Chronicling one woman's quest to “eat the world” is the main focus of this cute collection of food adventures. Follow Linda on her food journey all over Texas as she shares her love of all kinds of cuisine. While she doesn’t blog daily, her posts are thoughtful, detailed and reminiscent of a diary we’ve stumbled upon and just can’t stop reading.

Taco Journalism
From restaurants to gas stations, tacos can be found all around this town. It only makes sense to have a blog that specializes in Austin's favorite food, and Taco Journalism is just that. This group of guys has scoured the city for the best tortilla wrapped delectable and they’re sharing their findings on a regular basis. Don’t even pick up another taco until you read TJ’s recommendations.

Fashion + Style
The Darling Detail
This UT student and fashionista has won our hearts and inspired our wardrobes with her darling blog. Creator Jessi Afshin dishes on everything chic in the ATX and beyond, proving the fashion scene in Austin is alive and well. Her Southern style and pitch perfect outfits are fit for any Pinterest board — and never cease to make us want to go shopping.

Keep Austin Stylish
Arguably one of the original Austin fashionistas, Joanna Wilkinson documents the “most casually chic city in Texas” with witty commentary and a quirky eye for fashion. Wilkinson’s blog is one every fashion lover with an Austin zip code should bookmark.

The Style Scribe
Look no further than this style blog for outfit inspiration and wardrobe revamp ideas. Creator Merritt Beck effortlessly pulls looks together for any occasion with a mix of pieces any woman would love. Although she now lives in Dallas, this former Austinites still frequently visits and vicariously takes her followers with her on an impeccably-styled strut through life. When she’s not updating her blog with golden nuggets of fashion genius, Beck's Instagram serves as a constant source of chic.

A Lone Star State of Southern
Texas pride transforms into Texas style on this quaintly Southern blog. Creator Kate Padgitt writes about her love for fashion with sweeter-than-sweet-tea cuteness. A Lone Star State of Southern is ideal for the college girl with a love for Texas tradition (and all things monogrammed and pink).

Lifestyle + Culture
Austin Eavesdropper
Arguably one of the city’s all around coolest people ever, Tolly Moseley shares her wisdom about all things Austin. Get the inside scoop on the stomping grounds of the Capital City's cool crowd.

The Salonniere
Tap into your inner Martha Stewart and learn how to be a super hostess with this blog. The ladies of The Salonniere are breathing new life into the traditional art of hosting while giving it a fresh new twist. Daily commentary on how to pull off the perfect dinner party is abundant and easily executed when following their advice.

Camille Styles
This lifestyle blog is like a cheat sheet for the stylish gal-about-Austin. Get great tips on everything from beauty to food and never miss a beat on the trends of the city. The Camille Styles staff delivers commentary on a wide variety of lifestyle topics make a daily visit more than worthwhile.  

Austin may just have more hipsters per capita than tacos. While we figure out the statistics to prove that basically scientific fact, we can’t get enough Hipstercrite. What better way for self-acclaimed Hipstercrite Lauren Modery to voice her über-cool opinion on anything Austin than with her über-cool blog? Modery blends everything pop culture and everything Austin together with her sharp wit and intelligent perspective.

Fitness + Health
Atomic Athlete: Coach’s Notes
A visit to this blog will keep you updated on one of the city's most intense gyms. Get insight on how to be “stronger, faster and harder to kill” from Austin’s own super humans. Coaches contribute their personal workout styles and training tips to keep you focused on fitness even after you leave the gym.

The Rundown
This blog will ignite your urge lace up your Nikes. Follow the coaches of Rogue Running on all of their favorite and most challenging workouts. The Rundown gives tips on running techniques learn about new running trails and travel the world of running through some of Austin’s most avid distance runners.

Pump & Shred Life
Share in the love of lifting and more with the staff of P&S through their fitness blog. Learn about nutrition, read transformation stories and take a peak into the personal fitness lives of the highly-decorated coaching staff without stepping foot into the gym. But trust us, after seeing the result pictures you’ll want a membership.