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The essential local gift guide: Goodies every Austinite on your list will love

Essential local gift guide: Goodies for every Austinite on your list

Texas Humor Shirt
Ain't Texas Shirt $25 Courtesy of Texas Humor
Traveller Denim Co.
Traveller Denim Co. Custom Jeans Courtesy of Traveller Denim Co.
Flash Tattoos
Flash Tattoos $22-30 Courtesy of Flash Tattoos
Weige Knives
Weige Chef and Paring Knives Courtesy of Metier Cook's Supply/Instagram
Outdoor Voices Holiday Kit
Outdoor Voices Holiday Kit $300 Courtesy of Outdoor Voices
Kelly Wynne Halo Bag
Kelly Wynne Halo Bag Courtesy of FOUND/Instagram
Lyric Pillows
Embroidered Lyric Pillow Courtesy of A Town/Instagram
Texas Humor Shirt
Traveller Denim Co.
Flash Tattoos
Weige Knives
Outdoor Voices Holiday Kit
Kelly Wynne Halo Bag
Lyric Pillows

Holiday shopping can be almost as daunting a task as navigating I-35 rush hour traffic. But don’t fret: We’ve rounded up this gift guide of goodies any Austinite would love to have.

For your overzealous uncle
“Ain’t Texas” shirt from Texas Humor — $25

For the family member that’s Texas proud (and let’s face it, that’s probably the whole family), this shirt is nothing short of ideal. Based in the ATX, Texas Humor has transformed from a hilarious –– and oftentimes incredibly factual –– Twitter account to an online store full of merchandise that gives praise to the Lone Star State.

For the stylish man in your life
Custom jeans from Traveller Denim Co. — prices vary
Expertly tailored denim is truly a gift that keeps on giving. With quality stitching, vintage production and incredibly accurate measurements, your guy may never take these jeans off. Gift your significant other with denim that shows off his best assets and that are sure to last. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse you’ll need to throw away that old, overly pocketed disaster of a pair. 

For your chic sister
Flash Tattoos from STRUT — $22
These cute and uber trendy temporary tattoos are the perfect stocking stuffer for the fashionista on your Christmas list. Endorsed by Beyonce and based in Austin, Flash Tattoos are the ideal anytime accessory to add sparkle to your look. With 12 tattoo collections inspired by different style muses, you’re sure to find some tats you’ll love.

For your dad who doubles as an amazing chef
Weige chef and paring knives from Metier Cook’s Supply

Upgrade Dad’s cutlery with these Austin-made beauts. Crafted for precision cutting and designed with top quality 440c high carbon and stainless steel, these chef and paring knives ensure the perfect cut — and even more perfect meals.

For your workout buddy
Women’s Holiday Kit from Outdoor Voices — $300
Send your favorite yogi some good vibes with this holiday kit. Complete with warmup leggings, Evian facial spray, a sports bra and more, your workout partner will be sweating in style.

For your fashion-forward mom
Kelly Wynne Halo Bag from FOUND
Make Mom smile with this pretty little handbag. The sweetly chic design makes the Halo the ideal bag for the woman who practically wrote the book on style. Perfect for a date night with Dad or brunch with the book club, the Halo bag is just the right amount of contemporary edge that your mom is sure to love.

For your little brother in need of a wardrobe overhaul
Rutland Ikat Oxford Shirt from Bonobos — $88
Give little bro the gift of swag with this festive Oxford. The modern twist to a classic shirt is the perfect starter piece for a new wardrobe. Besides, the V-neck trend only works for Adam Levine and tattooed hipsters. It’s time to introduce your little brother to collared shirts.

For your best friend
Embroidered lyric pillow from A Town 
Enable your chevron-obsessed bestie with these locally made pillows. Stitched with quirky sketches and classic song lyrics, these pillows are the ideal pop of fun and cuteness for any room.

For your favorite co-worker
 from The Austin Winery — $18
Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a good bottle of booze. Pay your office-mate back for all of those much-needed happy hours with a bottle of rosé merlot from the Texas High Plains. While you’re at it, grab a bottle of Work Horse ($20) for all your troubles.