The Grass Is Greener

New Austin-based service ensures lawn care is an absolute breeze

New Austin-based service ensures lawn care is an absolute breeze

Robin lawn care mow yard
Robin simplifies yard work.  Robin Lawn Care/Facebook

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. Robin, a new lawn care provider, is bringing contemporary convenience at a competitive price to the Austin, Houston and Dallas areas.

From scheduling mishaps to unmet expectations, lawn upkeep can be a pain. And during the notoriously hot Texas summer, who wants to maintain a yard? Robin makes it easier than ever to schedule lawn care, communicate with providers, and pay for services.

“With Robin, we’ve taken an industry that often causes frustration and changed it into an effortless experience for both the customer and the provider,” said Justin Crandall, Robin founder and CEO. “By creating a better customer experience and helping providers improve their business, we’re making everyone a whole lot happier.”

With just a street address, Robin’s technology delivers an instant quote to customers in seconds. Customers are also notified automatically of any scheduling changes. 

Robin users are able to rate their providers, creating accountability and consistency. Vendors with the highest ratings are rewarded with more jobs in close proximity to increase efficiency. Additionally, weekly payments mean that Robin can guarantee a steady cash flow for its providers. The online payment system ensures workers get paid for their services.

Founders Crandall and Bart Lomont developed and designed Robin in partnership with Dialexa Labs. Crandall’s background lies in building fast-growing startups and local marketplaces through his work at Bazaarvoice and FrontYrd. Lomont is a military operations veteran, past political aide to the Governor of Indiana. A former Uber driver, he contributes first-hand experience of the sharing economy and operations.

Through Memorial Day, Robin is hosting a competition in which participants can win free lawn care for the summer. To enter, visit