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Austin design mavens launch new showroom that will please your wallet

Austin design mavens launch new showroom that will please your wallet

Austin Design House
Austin Design House delivers a new way to shop for your home. Austin Design House/Instagram

When interior designers and entrepreneurs Aimee Laughlin, Jess Pearce, and Taylor Wilson got the idea for a new online decor shop, affordability and customization were top priorities. Their new endeavor, Austin Design House, is a digital one-stop shop for custom pillows, fabric by the yard, interior design services, and more. 

We came together with a common love of design and the way textiles transform and add dimension to living spaces,” Laughlin said. “As we continued to put our business plan together it kept evolving as we saw more opportunities to fill design needs in Austin. We are so excited to be able to give our customers fun and unique products and services.”

Mother-daughter pair Laughlin and Wilson, along with family friend Pearce, bring more than 25 years of interior design experience and offer multi-faceted services that can help any Austinite decorate their dream space.

“We’re a new breed of design retailer that not only offers home accessories, fabrics, and wallpapers, but we also offer a unique list of client services, ranging from e-design [$75 an hour] to onsite services [$125 an hour],” Laughlin said. “We want to be the go-to for people who love design and want to get things done but may not have the resources for a full-scale interior design assignment.”

Among its products, the brand’s penchant for pillows truly stands out. The online boutique even offers a "pillow house call" service that allows local customers to get a feel for the pillows ($95-$325) in the comfort of their homes.

“Pillows were our inspiration,” Pearce said. “After working with clients and friends we found that they had an easier time making decisions if they could see and touch the pillows in their own home. It’s not always easy to visualize what something will look like, so it just made sense for us to offer house calls. House calls are fun for us and they offer a great way to get to know our clients and better understand their goals and style.”

ADH's fresh take on interior design seamlessly blends professional experience with the convenience of online shopping and affordable prices. “We understand that not everyone wants to or is able to spend a fortune on home goods. We want to offer products that are beautiful and high quality, while not breaking the bank,” Wilson said.

“In all honesty, we want to deliver a beautiful yet functional space that our customers love,” Laughlin echoed. “Design doesn't have to be stuffy and just for show; enjoying and living in every element of your home is possible.”

Visit the Austin Design House website for more details on services and products.