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Super important study sews up the patterns Texans love most

Super important study sews up the patterns Texans love most

anthropologie lark high-low dress
Dallas loves its dots.  Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

Did you know zombie fabric was a thing? Neither did we until we saw Spoonflower's "decor map of America." The fabric design company recently revealed the most popular fabric purchases for a handful of U.S. cities, and it turns out Texas has some very distinct tastes.

Culling from nearly 200,000 recent purchases of custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap, Spoonflower categorized the data into its own design style categories. To give a better measure of popularity, the weighted scores of each city were calculated by the number of customers who ordered a certain fabric by the number of Spoonflower customers in that city.

"Our map provides a unique insight into the décor tastes of America and the psyche of its cities," says Stephen Fraser, co-founder of Spoonflower. "It also pioneers an entire new field of what we’re calling 'décor geography.'"

The design map depicts 19 different styles across the country — from ditsy (a small-scale, all-over print) to hipster, Aztec to Victorian, floral to stripes.

Dallasites are drawn to polka dots, making them "dynamic multitaskers." The site also reminds us of that snazzy brown and yellow polka-dot jumpsuit legendary running back Emmitt Smith wore 25 years ago to the press conference announcing his signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

Midland is wild about geometric patterns, while Houston loves paisley ... and zombies. Yep, Houston can now be dubbed the "Zombie Capital of America" thanks to all the undead-themed fabric and wallpaper purchased by its residents.