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Innovative mobile car dealership shifts into high gear in Austin

Innovative mobile car dealership shifts into high gear in Austin

TRED Houston car sale
This West Coast used car sales platform is en route to Austin. Photo courtesy of TRED

A Seattle-based online car marketplace has all engines revving for Austin as the company plans its Lone Star State expansion.

Tred plans to expand into major Texas cities, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, it says. The startup will be live in Dallas at the end of this month, followed by the rest of the state in February.

"We very excited about Texas," says Grant Feek, co-founder of Tred.

Tred is a sales platform that aims to help car owners earn more money than they would by offering their cars through a traditional, brick-and-mortar dealership. In technical terms, Feek describes the company as "a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling and buying used vehicles that offers sellers a thinner transaction margin and buyers a lower price point.

"[We're] combining the best of the dealer experience with the best of the market experience," Feek says. "We are the only ones that allow you to work directly with your counter party. There's literally no middle man."

The company will not have any initial employees on the ground in Texas, as Feek explains that Tred's model is focused on removing employee involvement from auto sales, which, he says, is strategic. Tred is all about getting out of the way of peer-to-peer sales.

The company set their eyes on cities with large populations and car markets. Feek says that Tred will also expand into Florida in late 2019.

"It's no secret that a lot of people live in California, Texas, and Florida," says Feek, "we've always had our eyes on these states."


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