Biggest Companies In Each State

The biggest business in Texas — and 49 other states: Costco is even more powerful than you think

The biggest business in Texas — and 49 other states: Costco surprises

Largest Company by Revenue in Each State Map
Broadview presents the largest company by revenue in each state in this map.

It’s no surprise that Exxon Mobil is the leading corporation in Texas, General Motors in Michigan and Wal-Mart in Arkansas, but what about the other 47 states?

A map by telecommunications firm Broadview Networks reveals the largest companies in each state based on revenue and there are definitely some surprises.

Using Hoover's a D&B Company, Broadview Networks was able to search through each state's list of companies to find the largest.

Here are five notable leading corporations that jump out on the list:

1. Costco, the superstore where we buy an enormous amount of toilet paper and a lifetime supply of ketchup, is the leading corporation in the state of Washington. You might ask yourself, why is this a surprise?

Well, Microsoft's headquarters is located in Redmond, Wash., and Amazon is based in Seattle. However, Costco has trumped both of these multinational corporations. (The survey used the location of each firm's corporate headquarters — excluding any branches or foreign offices — to determine which company is the "largest" in each state.)

2. The map reveals that Verizon Communications dominates New York, bringing in $120.55 billion in revenue.

3. Chevron is the largest corporation in California by revenue with $228.84 billion in earnings — although many of the oil company's employees live and work in Texas.

4. It was predictable that the global delivery services company FedEx is the largest corporation in the state of Tennessee with a revenue of $44.28 billion. It's based in Memphis.

5. Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has been revealed as the biggest company in New Jersey with a revenue of $71.31 billion.