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Parking in Austin is about to get easier and cheaper with new on-demand valet service

Parking in Austin gets easier and cheaper with on-demand valet service

Parking in downtown Austin is a huge pain, and nearly impossible these days, but an innovative new service aims to make your next trip a breeze. 

Luxe, launching in Austin this week, offers a simple solution to parking woes. The mobile app, which already serves major cities like Los Angeles and New York, connects frustrated drivers with a network of local valets that will park and return your car in record time. 

The service is simple. First, tell Luxe where you're located. A certified driver will pick up your car and take it to a secure parking area or garage. When you're ready to drive again, your car will be returned safely within 15 minutes of your request.

The San Francisco-based company promises an affordable alternative to parking garages or other services. "Luxe’s competitive rates either match or are less expensive than typical parking fees," says the company. The app charges $4 an hour with a maximum fee of $16. The overnight rate is a reasonable $10. Luxe also offers monthly parking packages for Austinites, starting at $249. Other perks for Luxe users include car washing and refueling services for an additional fee.

Luxe launches in Austin on Wednesday, July 29. The valet service is available in downtown Austin and the Rainey Street District but plans to expand to other parts of the city in the future. Download the Luxe app for free on your Apple or Android device.

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Luxe launches in Austin on July 29. Luxe/Facebook