Money-making Neighborhoods

See which neighborhoods are raking in the most money in Austin

See which neighborhoods are raking in the most money in Austin

Austin skyline downtown at night
78701 makes the most in venture capital. Texas Wide Open for Business/Facebook

Austin’s booming tech scene is bringing in lots of investment dollars. But where's the money going?

Built In Austin recently released a study mapping venture capital by local ZIP code. The map shows funding by area from January 1, 2014 to July 15, 2015. During that time period, Austin raked in more than $1.5 billion in new capital: 219 rounds of funding across 176 startups.

As is to be expected, 78701 (downtown Austin) was the most funded, with 76 rounds of funding amounting to more than $515 million. North Austin ZIP code 78759 ranked second on the list. There, 20 rounds of funding totaled more than $118 million. Built in Austin also notes the 78703 ZIP code raked in $75 million and had 10 companies funded. In 78731, nine companies were funded; 78702 followed suit with eight companies funded.

The highest number of investments happened in January 2014: 21 rounds of funding. However, October 2014 saw the largest funding amount, more than $209 million. According to Built in Austin, the most frequent investors were Austin Ventures, Silverton Partners, Capital Factory and Techstars.

For more information and to view the interactive map, visit Built In Austin’s website.