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Interactive map charts worst commutes in Austin by ZIP code

New map charts worst commutes in Austin by ZIP code

Austin traffic highway I-35 congestion
Take a look at the worst area zip codes for traffic. Courtesy photo

When buying a home, it is important to analyze everything from property values and school systems to crime statistics and, at least if you live in Austin, worst commute times. Lucky for you, there is a map for that.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, public radio station WNYC mapped the average commute time for every ZIP code in America, including Austin. Though it was originally published last year, the map has received a viral lease on life thanks to recent articles in Chicago Sun-Times and, among others.

Analyzing the American Community Survey 5-year estimates, WNYC found that the Austin neighborhoods with the longest daily commute times include 78719, which averages 35.1 minutes; 78724, which averages 31.6 minutes; and 78744, which averages 28.7 minutes. (The national average is 25.4 minutes.)

As expected, commuting from South Austin takes longer than neighborhoods north of Lady Bird Lake. The Travis Heights/Bouldin/South Lamar neighborhoods that occupy 78704 average a daily commute of 22.1 minutes versus downtown residents who average a 15.7 minute commute. 

To determine commuting times, the American Community Survey analyzes driving, walking, biking and public transportation data, as well as percentage of people who work from home and those who work traditional daytime hours. To see how the rest of the country matches up, head to the WNYC website.