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Austin declared one of the world's most expensive places to move

Austin declared one of the world's most expensive places to move

Austin skyline downtown at night
Moving to Austin ain't cheap. Texas Wide Open for Business/Facebook

Editor's note: Figures provided by Movinga's 2017 Relocation Price Index. 

So you want to move to Austin? It'll cost you. In fact, a study from online moving platform Movinga says Austin is one of most expensive cities to move to in the world. 

The 2017 Relocation Price Index details the costs associated with relocating to 75 of the world’s most in-demand cities. Austin ranks No. 25, based on first month living cost. 

Austin has a basic first month living cost of $1,533.39, says the report. That includes average rent for a one-bedroom apartment (which Movinga says is less than 400 square feet), plus cellphone setup, food and drink for 30 days, and a monthly public transportation pass. It makes us the fifth most expensive U.S. city studied — the first month of living in New York and San Francisco costs more than $3,000, and Seattle and LA cost over $2,000.

And what will the actual move set you back? The average moving cost for Austin is $805.82, which is higher than San Francisco, believe it or not. That figure "is accurate for a 155 mile move of one person (the average distance for a move worldwide)," says Movinga.

The most expensive city to move to is Luanda, Angola. New York, San Francisco, Zurich, and London round out the top five.