SXSW 2017
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This is the ultimate list of foodie events at SXSW 2017

This is the ultimate list of foodie events at SXSW 2017

Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) is one of many culinary stars slated to appear at SXSW 2017. Photo by Charles Thompson

SXSW brings the best of the music, film, technology, and culinary worlds to Austin. Here is the foodie's guide to can't-miss SXSW events with a focus on grub — open to all badge-holders. Unless otherwise noted, events take place at The Driskill.

Friday, March 10

How Craft, Culinary, and Culture Collided
The Pearl district in San Antonio serves as the perfect example of how a piece of city history — the old Pearl Brewery — can be transformed into a modern hub for culture, from eating and shopping to community and tourism. Hugh Daschbach of the Pearl's Hotel Emma will lead this talk at Half Step.

The Tacos of Texas
Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, the folks behind the delicious Tacos of Texas book, talk all things tacos at the Austin Convention Center. Purchase a copy and get it signed at the event.

Saturday, March 11

Becoming Native: Narratives of Flavor and Culture
Culture greatly influences how we eat and drink. Local sommelier Rodil and chef Jorge Luis Hernandez will discuss the difficulty of keeping ethnic cuisine authentic without halting evolution.

#FoodPorn or Bust: The Socialization of Food
This Pinterest-led panel will explore how our online practices influence our offline food-making and -eating decisions. After all, "if you didn't take a picture of it, did you really eat it?"

Hunter, Gatherer, Chef: Going Beyond Farm to Table
Leading voices in the farm-to-table movement will discuss how they are making the trend more than just a trend, especially when it comes to sustainability. On the bill is Austin chef Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due, who embodies the idea of "hunter, gatherer, chef."

Bringing Cooking Technology into the 21st Century
Millions of people do not have access to the basic cooking technology that we have in our own kitchens. Learn more about what we're doing to get clean, efficient stoves into homes across the globe from representatives from leading food tech organizations and WIRED magazine.

The Urbanization of Beer, Wine, and Spirits
Food isn't the only thing going local. Alcoholic beverages are following the same trend and taking it one step further: new breweries, wineries, and distilleries are opening up in the middle of vibrant city centers. Local pioneers Blue Owl Brewing and Infinite Monkey Theorem will join the discussion.

Sunday, March 12

Small Plates, Big Data: Food Tracking and Privacy
New technology, especially food- and fitness-tracking apps, mean we have even more data about what and how we eat — but the real question is, how do we use it? Tech and food experts explore the good and bad of big data as it applies to the cultural and culinary worlds.

Monday, March 13

Livestreaming and the Future of Food TV
Food entertainment has evolved significantly since the advent of cooking shows on television. With the rise in popularity of streaming platforms comes a new way of broadcasting for both home cooks and celebrity chefs. Hear from Jerry James Stone and representatives from Tastemade, Twitter, and the James Beard Foundation.

How Technology is Making Meals More Communal
Padma Lakshmi of Top Chef will lead a conversation with representatives from Plated, Nom, and Thug Kitchen about how the combination of food and new forms of media, especially social and streaming, connect people across borders.


For even more foodie fun at SXSW, check out the following meet-ups at the JW Marriott: Underground Tables and Sampling the Restaurant Climate on Saturday, March 11, and 2017 Food Trends on Sunday, March 12.