Omelettry's New Home

The Omelettry announces its new home on Airport Blvd., coming in late 2014

The Omelettry announces its new home on Airport Blvd., coming in 2014

Omelettry on Burnet
The Omelettry has announced its future home, which will be on Airport Blvd.  Courtesy of Omelettry / Facebook

Hearts broke across Austin when news broker earlier this year that the Omelettry would be forced to close its Burnet Road shop, the restaurant's home for the past 36 years. Owners Kenny Carpenter and his son, Jesse, looked for a nearby location to serve their breakfast fare, and now the new Omelettry location has been confirmed. 

In a press release, Carpenter confirms that the new location will be at 4631 Airport Blvd., in the Concorde Center just north of In-N-Out. The new spot offers room for a larger kitchen, a spacious parking lot and more space for booths and counter seats.

“We were urban pioneers when we first opened the Omelettry in 1978,” says founder and co-owner Kenny Carpenter in the press release. “Burnet Road was full of shuttered businesses and our building had seen a number of failed restaurants before we got there. So we’ll be urban pioneers again on Airport. We see great potential there — that area is so underserved.”

Carpenter also promises that there will be a mix of upgrades while maintaining the charm that made the Omelettry something special. “We won’t be using those weird wait list pagers — we’ll still have our host hollering out your name when your table is ready. But we’ll no longer be cash only. You’ll be able to use credit cards at the Omelettry.”

The Omelettry was forced to find a new home after its landlord declined to renew the longstanding lease on Burnet Road. The current one expires in June 2015. Owners are expecting to move into the new location well before that deadline, and plan to open the new location in October 2014. Customers can keep up with any related news and updates on the restaurant's Facebook page.